The Association Of Controls Management

3. Services for Members :-

Association Rules and Ethical Standards :-

  • Inclusion On The Professional Register
  • Membership Certificate ; Confirming your Membership and current grade/level of achievement
  • Copy of The Association Rules & Ethical Standards
  • Full Access to The Association Library
  • Association News-Letters and Updates
  • Live Controls News Updates
  • Notification of Forthcoming Events
  • Notification of potential Research Opportunities
  • Notification of Forthcoming Continuous Professional Development Events/Opportunities
  • NB :-: Association members will require our pass-codes to benefit from generous discounts from trainers/training companies and ,ECITB training  is either free or ,heavily discounted for most employers
  • Recognises your commitment to Professional Excellence and Integrity
  • Aligns your credentials with those of other professions in industry
  • Provides a baseline/standard of achievement ,that Employers can understand
  • Gives you access to a like-minded professional community ,and ongoing Continuous Professional Development

What Do You Get As A Member of The Association Of Controls Management ? :-

    1) Act With Integrity

    2) Always Provide a High Standard of Service

    3) Act in a way that promotes trust in the Profession

    4) Treat others with respect

    5) Take Responsibility

    For Full Detils of Rules and Ethical Standards------------------------------------->

Membership of The Association Of Controls Management :-