The Association Of Controls Management

  • Recognises your commitment to providing a Professional ;Excellent Controls service ;to your' Clients ,with Integrity
  • Aligns the credentials of your' controls staff with those of the other professions in industry
  • Shows that your controls staff have achieved a fully accredited  baseline/standard  ,that Clients and other Professionals can understand
  • Gives you access to the latest developments in Controls Management ,due to Members ongoing Continuous Professional Development

By Employing Members of The Association Of Controls Management :-

For Employers who want Company Accreditation (to BS5192 , BS6079 ,PAS1192-2 ,ISO21500 ,ISO21504 ,ISO55000) :-

1) The Standards That  Need to be Complied With for Company Accreditation include ? -

                                                           - BS5192 – Guide to Production & Control------------------------------------------------------->

                                                           - BS6079 – Guidelines for the Managements of Projects----------------------------------->

                                                           - PAS1192-2 – Use of Modelling and BIM--------------------------------------------------------->

                                                           - ISO 21500 – Guidance on Project Management--------------------------------------------->

                                                           - ISO 21504 – Portfolio Management--------------------------------------------------------------->

                                                           - ISO 55000 – Asset Management------------------------------------------------------------------>

                                                           - ISO 15926-13 - Planning------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

2) Guidance on Setting-Up sufficient Policies/Process and Procedures for Compliance/Accreditation Including -

                                                           - See Relevent BS/ISO listed above

                                                           - Employ approved /specialst advisor/s to set-up your company systems correctly

                                                             (NB :-: List of approved/specialist advisors -is  currently being developed)

3) Gaining Accreditation after all Policies/Process's and Procedures are in Place :-

  • The Engineering & Construction Industry Training Board offer this service for Employers-------------------------------------------->

2. Services for Companies/Employers :-