The Association Of Controls Management

1c) Continuous Professional Development :-

1) Training Courses Suitable For (Continuous Professional Development/etc) :-

After becoming a Member of The Association Of Controls Management all members must do an element of CPD training each year , to ensure their skills are kept current/up to date.

A minimum of 12 CPD units is required per year

To meet this requirement the members can –
                                                                - Attend a refresher course (in person or on-line)                        (4-8 units depending on course/content/level)
                                                                - Attend a lecture on a controls subject (in person or on-line)      (4-8 units depending on course/content/level)
                                                                - Attend one of the major controls road-shows or expo’s             (2-4 units depending on content/level)
                                                                - Write/publish an article/articles on controls related subjects      (4-8 units depending on course/content/level)
                                                                - Carry out research/development on controls related subjects     (4-8 units depending on course/content/level)

2) Possible CPD Events / Training Events :-
The following are the type of events/training that would comply -

- Refresher Courses via The Project Controls Academy---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- Refresher Courses via The Document Controls Trainers @ Consepsys----------------------------------------------------------------->

- Refresher Courses via Training ByteSize ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- The Chartered Institute of Building CPD Events Programme-------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- The Institution of Civil Engineers CPD Events Programme---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- The British Standards Institute (QA/QM ISO 9001 and 9002 Training Courses)----------------------------------------------------->

- UK GOV' Planning & Controls Apprenticeship Scheme--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- Oracle/P6 Training/Refresher Courses/CPD Courses----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- Asta Powerproject Training/Refresher Courses/CPD Courses----------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- Microsoft Project Training/Refresher Courses/CPD Courses------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

- ECITB Fully Accredited training provided by 20/20Business Insight ---------------------------------------------------------------------> 

FREE ON-LINE PLANNING/SCHEDULING VIDEOS and TEMPLATES ------------------------------------------------------------------>

MORE FREE ON-LINE PLANNING/SCHEDULING VIDEOS and TEMPLATES------------------------------------------------------->

- NB :- As well as the CPD Events above , there are many free opportunities as well ,i.e.

attending a lecture/online , attending a roadshow , etc

If you are unsure if an event qualifies , simply drop us a line for confirmation.      

{CPD events will be updated in more detail in our Monthly NewsLetter}(Currently assessing further potential ongoing CPD providers)