20|20 Are Working with The Association  of Controls Management , Rolling out the ECITB accreddited training courses to Planning and Controls Professionals across Industry.

20|20 Business Insight are an approved training provider with the Engineering & Construction Industry Training Board in the UK and offer funded courses for in-scope companies (subject to application with ECITB).

The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) is the statutory organisation, national training provider and awarding body with responsibility for the training and development of the UK’s engineering construction workforce.

Acting on behalf of the industry, the ECITB works closely with Government and employers to attract, develop and qualify engineering construction personnel in hundreds of skills and disciplines. They provide businesses with the means to train the engineers of today and tomorrow to the highest standards, via specialist ECITB- accredited course providers. 20|20 is one such accredited course provider


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ECITB Trailblazer Scheme – and Project Controls Professional Training Courses :-
The ECITB Project Controls Training Courses are -

- "The only Planning and Controls Training Courses that are Properly Accreddited and Underwritten by , the UK-Gov' " - .

The significance of this is ; that the ECITB courses are the only Project Controls training that have been vetted and accredited to UK-Gov' standards .The addition of the new Apprenticeship allows access to proper training ,with low entry level requirements but , after training (the higher training units) are equivalent to BSc/MSc degree level . With this type of training ,on the job experience is gained right alongside the academic and computer training .For any companies in the UK-Gov' training Levy scheme , there are extremely good incentives offered (look on ECITB website for details) .

The ECITB training courses are ,the only courses available which correctly recognise Project Controls as a separate/unique Profession ; and not as a sub-set of any other profession.

One of the biggest complaints from all planning and controls professionals was that there was no formal training or recognition for the profession .The ECITB have answered that call .Now there is .

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1b) 20|20 - ECITB/Planning + Controls Training :-

     Every Profession , requires proper training for it's professionals.


     The Engineering and Construction Industry Training Board have created proper/professional training courses.

     20|20 Business Insight will be implementing these training courses on behalf of ECITB and The Association of Controls Management

The Association Of Controls Management